The UK’s Largest Manufacturer of Tube Expanders

Tube expansion is acknowledged as the most efficient and secure method of jointing the tube to the tube plate. Wicksteed is the UK’s largest manufacturer of tube expanders. The electronic torque control unit handles four sizes of drive motor, covering the expansion of tubes from a quarter-inch diameter up to two and a half inches, whether for tube expansion or tube pulling equipment Wicksteed’s reputation is already firmly established worldwide, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say.

“Your automatic tube pulling machines are a superb piece of engineering design. I don’t believe there’s any other automatic machine available that is comparable.”

“The unit worked well and was observed to work approximately twice as fast as the machine used by our competitors.”

“We are long established customers of Wicksteed and have been using their tube expanders and to pulling products for many years. We thoroughly recommend them as a supplier.”

“The performance and durability of the equipment has been very satisfactory, of merit is Wicksteed’s support in developing and supplying specialist equipment at extremely short notice.”

“Wicksteed tube pullers cut shut-down time to a minimum.”