About Wicksteed Tube Pulling Equipment

Wicksteed is a world player in tube removal equipment, producing the tube pulling systems that service major industrial companies around the globe.

Oil installations like Shell, BP, Texaco and Esso, chemical and petrochemical installations, aluminium refineries, power stations, desalination plants, food and drink processing companies, sugar refineries, even maintenance onboard ships at sea.

Their overriding need is to dramatically reduce costly shutdown time in removing the tubes from heat exchangers and condensers. This led Wicksteed to work closely with customers to produce a new generation of automatic tube pulling equipment that combines engineering excellence with innovative design. Significantly faster and easier to use than the competition, Wicksteed’s automatic tube pullers do the job in a fraction of the time previously taken and with a minimal requirement for manpower. The Wicksteed range offers both pneumatic and electrically powered machines to provide the hydraulic power that pulls the tubes. The range extends to a fully automatic system that will continuously pull tubes with a force of up to 30 tons.

30 Tonne Continuous Tube Pulling Machine